visual marketing tool



Utilize Instagram photos on their site.

Utilize photos and videos of Instagram posted by users and staff.
Display on EC site, link to product and lead to sales UP.

Get Started

Three reasons to choose

Solid results

Increase in sales due to royalty- up of product page page PV with increase in migration rate Increase inflow from Instagram

Easy installation, easy operation

Introduction collects tags as much as possible ~ Posting on the system Following with expertise No product link setting

Continuous growth at PDCA

Analyze photos and videos contributing to purchase ID linkage with API cooperation, strengthen CRM

How to use visumo

Collect photos and videos

Search user photos through the management screen with # tags, pick up the visuals you want. Using the application function to obtain permission for secondary use, use the photos of users on your site.

Link products easily

Easy to link products and contents related to photos with management screen without technical knowledge. Complete with a series of operations until display on the website. Directly from arousal to purchase.

Analyze visuals

Understand the visuals that lead to sales in the analysis log for each photo. Accelerate PDCA of creative production, accumulate visual marketing data, and make it knowledge.

Strengths of visumo

Improve purchase from Instagram

Display products posted on Instagram as EC page on the list page. Directly purchase customers from the Instagram Profile URL link.

Also take advantage of posting videos

Adopted UI to prevent leaving by playing in the page. If visumo, speed & small start possible video commerce linking movies and products.

Enhance CRM with system coperation

It is possible to link InstagramID with customer DB managed by its own company through API cooperation. For example, there is no other CRM measures to raise customer loyalty, such as point granting when users post Instagram.

Basic functions


Collect photos on Instagram with # tag as key.

License application

Send the permission application for secondary use to the user from the tool.


connect products related to target photos.

Posted on site

Tag the page you want to display and can be adjusted with CSS.

Product registration

Can register product information associated with photos.


Various patterns can be displayed by categorizing photos.


From the front you can post photos you like to post.


It is possible to analyze individual photos individually and collect data connected to CV.